Bioluminescent bay kayak tour

Like swimming in a starry sky

If you want to experience something really out of this world, you should definitely try the bioluminescent bay kayak tour conducted by the Bahia Rica Fishing & Kayak Lodge. 

Imagine kayaking at night in water that turns light blue at the touch of your hand. It’s like swimming in a starry sky, with fish moving around you, creating little comets of light, while your paddle creates galaxies in the water. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no one should miss.” Writes Patrick Goodness, in an article in The Luxury Couple about his life and experiences in Costa Rica.

Patrick has lived in Costa Rica for 10 years, and in this article he shares with us some of his favorite places to visit, and activities to do. The bioluminescent kayak tour and Sport fishing with Bahia Rica is among those favorites. Read about how Bahia Rica is his ‘go-to’ team for fishing and snorkeling trips in the Gulf of Nicoya.


Isla Tortuga Boat Tour

Simon travelled in Costa Rica in December and joined our Isla Tortuga Boat Tour. He is writing a very good travel blog both from that tour, and the other places they visited in Costa Rica. We ae sure that you will find his blogs enjoyable and useful.


, is a travel photographer and writer originally from Ukraine and now living in Canada. He has found a way to combine all his passions – travelling, photography, history, science and writing – in a single blog.


From Simons blog from Isla Tortuga:

“A boat tour to Tortuga Island was a surprise I prepared for my significant other at the end of our trip to Costa Rica. Tortuga Island is perfectly nested in the southern part of the Gulf of Nicoya where it almost meets the Pacific Ocean”.


Read the whole blog here:



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