Our sea kayaks

High quality sea kayaks and equipment

When it comes to equipment we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best. We outfit you with the same high quality kayaking gear and equipment used by our guides.

Our sea kayaks are very suitable for touring in the gulf. We only use single kayaks, so you are ensured to get to control your own kayaking experience.

Our sea kayakssea kayaks

On our day tours and multi-day tours we use top-quality polyethylene, sit-inside, single, high performance sea kayaks with rudders.

Wilderness System, Tsunami 145
Dagger, Specter 14ft and 15ft
Necky, Looksha 16 ft
Perception, Shadow 16.5ft

These are expedition-style sea kayaks.

The Wilderness System kayaks have the most adjustable and comfortable seats and fittings, while the Necky and the Perception kayaks are slim and glides fast through the tranquil gulf water.

We have different sizes ranging from 14 to 16.5 feet in length. Our touring sea kayaks all have bulk headed compartments for dry storage in the bow and stern.

Both the sunset and full moon kayak tour and the bioluminescent kayak tour are very short, so on these tours we do not need fast kayaks. It is all about floating around with the focus on taking in the amazing sunset colors or the magic of the glowing plankton.bio kayaker 260

On these tours we have some additional different kayak models to accommodate for novices and families:

Polyethylene, sit-inside, single kayaks without rudders:

Polyethylene, sit-on-top, single kayaks:
Cobra, Explorer

Additional gear

We have safety equipment and other activity equipment available.

We provide:
– Life jackets
– Adjustable paddle
– Snorkeling gear
– Drybags
– Beach towels

You have to bring your own personal items and clothes suitable for the sea kayaking tours.

We recommend:
– Fast dry light clothing
– Swim suit
– Sandals or water shoes
– Cap or sunhat
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– Gloves (for longer kayak tours)
– Eyes wear retainer cord (if necessary).

All of our kayak tours

This area is one of the premiere destinations for sea kayak tours in Costa Rica. We use stable sit inside sea kayaks for the day trips and no experience is necessary.

We go way off the “tourist” path on our full day sea kayak tour. The area has one of the world’s highest concentration of biodiversity.

The eco-friendly sea kayak experience of a lifetime! The scenery while kayaking is simply unique, bring your camera and sense of adventure to this unforgettable Costarican experience.

See the plankton glow in the dark from your first paddle stroke on the bioluminescent kayak tour. It is a kayak experience not to be missed while in Costa Rica!

Watch the sun setting behind the mountains with its’ vibrant hues in the sky and on clouds. Then enjoy the rising moon over the calm bay waters as night fall approaches.

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