About us

Bahía Rica is privately owned by a Norwegian couple, whose purpose is to offer a memorable stay in Costa Rica in a real jungle setting. The Gulf of Nicoya is the perfect place to offer this, and at Bahía Rica the combination of comfort and rustic jungle is perfectly balanced. This balance integrates services, nature and animal experiences, sports and recreational activities – all in one place.Nuevo Bahia Rica.

Thomas Scott Jones
Thomas grew up in Bærum Norway, and ever since being taken to the ocean to fish from shore at the age of 6, fishing has been a hobby and a fascination for Thomas. In 1978 the family moved to Colorado. Thomas continued his passion, but this time in fresh water.

As he got older he traveled to California and Florida to visit family and continue his passion for the sport. In 1997 (a strong El Nino year), he was the first person on that particular party boat in California to catch 3 yellowtail on a 1/2 day trip in 15 years!.

Moving back to Norway in 1991, he set his sights on starting up a fishing charter. It wasn’t until 2005 he made reality of the dream but it was a great learning experience and gave the push to go further.

In 2007 he moved to Costa Rica with his wife and started Bahia Rica Fishing and Kayak Lodge on the Nicoya Peninsula. He now is a professional fishing guide, taking people out at their chance for a fish of a lifetime.

Thomas is a marine biologist (Cand. Scient.) from the University of Oslo, with a thesis on shark reproduction. He is a professional fisherman with 30 years’ experience of fishing. Ice fishing, fly fishing, jigging, live bait, trolling, casting and bait casting. He is a very dedicated sports fisherman and has fished both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. In addition he has research experience from Norway and South Africa.

Vigdis Vatshaug

Growing up on the countryside in north of Norway Vigdis enjoyed an upbringing with lots of boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities. As she got older she focused more on sailing and kayaking, and when she met her husband Thomas, who is passionate about sport fishing, she got a fascination for that as well. She has her formal education in Sports Management with a focus on organization, development cooperation and physical activities. And has worked 4 years in South Africa on a Sports Development Program, back in Norway she continued working within the sports sector as the Development Manager for the Norwegian Basketball Association and international instructor for the Norwegian Olympic Committee and the Norwegian Soccer Association.

In 2007 she moved to Costa Rica with her husband and started Bahia Rica Fishing and Kayak Lodge on the Nicoya Peninsula.

She now is a professional kayaking guide and boat captain, taking people out on the water to get an experience of a lifetime. She is a certified “Day Skipper Coastal”, and she can boast with being one of the very few if not the only female sport fishing captain in Costa Rica. Vigdis have paddled extensively in the Gulf of Nicoya and have a very good knowledge of beautiful spots to visit, hidden entrances in mangroves and snorkeling spots, as well as tidal currents and safety issues on the water.


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