Costa Rica Fishing Reports

Below you will find our fishing reports which include Costa Rica fishing report, Puntarenas fishing report, Tambor fishing report, Paquera fishing report and Gulf of Nicoya fishing report


Fishing Report January 16th-17th 2018

Fishing Report January 7th-12th 2018

Fishing Report Dec 30th 2017

Fishing Report Dec 24th and 29th 2017

Fishing Report Dec 26th 2017

Fishing Report  2017 Dec 23rd and 25th 2017

Fishing Report Dec 20th and 22nd 2017

Fishing Report Dec 17th and 18th 2017

Fishing Report November 16th-21st 2017

Fishing Report Nov 14th and 15th 2017

Fishing Report Nov 10th and 11th 2017

Fishing Report Nov 7th and 9th-13th 2017

Fishing Report October 22nd 2017

Fishing Report October 19th 2017

Fishing Report October 8th-13th 2017

Fishing Report September 23ed 2017

Fishing Report August 22nd 2017

Fishing Report August 17th 2017

Fishing Report August 12th-13th and 16th-17th 2017

Fishing Report August 1st 2017

Fishing Report July 13th-17th and 21st

Fishing Report July 13th, 18th and 19th 2017

Fishing Report July 11th 2017

Fishing Report July 6th 2017

Fishing Report June 20th-25th 2017

Fishing Report first half June 2017

Fishing Report May 31st and June 1st

Fishing Report last part of May 2017

Fishing Report May 18th and 19th 2017

Fishing Report April 10th 2017
Fishing Report March 20th and 21st 2017

Fishing Report March 12th-17th 2017

Fishing Report March 2nd-3rd and 5th-6th 2017

Fishing Report March 7th and 9th-10th 2017

Fishing Report February 19th-25th 2017

Fishing Report February 12th and 14th 2017

Fishing Report 9th-10th and 12th-13th 2017

Fishing Report February 5th-7th and 10th 2017

Fishing Report February 1st-2nd 2017

Fishing Report January 28th 2017

Fishing Report January 24th 2017

Fishing Report January 20th-23rd 2017

Fishing Report January 19th-21st 2017

Fishing Report 11th-16th January 2017

Fishing Report December 31st 2016

Fishing Report December 26th 2016

Fishing Report 14th December 2016

Fishing Report 11th November 2016

Fishing Report 23rd-30th Nov 2016

Fishing Report 14th-19th Nov 2016

Fishing Report 6th-11th November 2016

Fishing Tournament Oct 23rd 2016
Fishing Report September 1st 2016

Fishing Report August 31st 2016

Fishing Report August 21st and 24th 2016

Fishing Report 19th July 2016

Fishing Report 10th-15th July 2016

Fishing Report 3rd-8th July 2016

Fishing Report June 30th 2016

Fishing Report 1st half of June 2016

Fishing Report end of May 2016

Fishing Report May 17th and 19th 2016

Fishing Report May 16th,18th and 20th 2016

Fishing Report April 26th-May 1st 2016

Fishing Report April 24th and 25th 2016

Fishing Report April 14th-15th 2016

Fishing Report April 13th 2016

Fishing Report April 10th-12th 2016

Fishing Report April 5th-7th 2016

Fishing Report March 25,26,28,29,31 and April 1st 2016

Fishing Report March 27th 2016

Fishing Report March 19th-23rd 2016

Fishing Report March 15th-18th 2016

Fishing Report March 8th-12th 2016

Fishing Report March 2nd-4th 2016

Fishing Report Feb 22nd 2016

Fishing Report Feb 20th 2016

Fishing Report Feb 16th and 18th 2016

Fishing Report Feb 15th 2016

Fishing Report Feb 5th-9th 2016

Fishing Report January 31st- Feb 2nd 2016

Fishing Report January 25th 2016

Fishing Report January 18th-20th 2016

Fishing Report January 15th-18th 2016

Fishing Report January 13th-14th 2016

Fishing Report end of December 2015

Fishing Report 1st half December 2015
Fishing Report Nov 14th-21st 2015

Fishing Report Nov 8th-12th 2015

Fishing Report Oct 30th Nov 4th 2015

Fishing Report October 13th 2015

Fishing Report September 19th 2015

Fishing Report August 5th 2015

Fishing Report August 3rd -8th 2015

Fishing Report July 24, 25 26 2015

Fishing Report 1st 1/2 of July 2015


Fishing Report May 28th 2015
Full day of inshore fishing with Jo Fredrik and friends. We worked very hard but the fish were shy and not aggressive. We did however, catch this beautiful Colorado Snapper that was RELEASED to grow big. A beautiful day on the water.

Fishing Report May 19th 2015
We had a full day offshore with Jerry. We were going for marlin and came across some scholls of dolphins. The first school didn’t seem to have anything on on while on the next one I saw a YFT jumping. After a few rounds we caught a small on that was RELEASED in the water to grow big! I had set out a small lure for tuna on a spinning rod when a fin comes up on it, a marlin. Not a monster but I didn’t want him on that rod so we tried to switch him over to a bait. No luck, he swiped the lure twice but as we were trying to switch him I was trying to avoid hooking it. Then it disappeared. We had 2 sail bites on the lures as well without getting a chance to hook them well. Beautiful weather and a fun day all in all. Lots of dolphin action!

Fishing Report May 17th 2015

Fishing Report May 16th 2015

Fishing Report May 12th + 14th 2015
A big swell has brought in some warm water and slow fishing conditions. Offshore we got skunked and managed 1 nice rooster on the 14th after spending a lot of time looking for bait. Rough sea conditions made it difficult as well.

Fishing Report May 2nd and 3rd 2015

Fishing Report May 1st 2015
aught a big jack with Mike and Wayne. Slow….

Fishing Report April 30th 2015
aught a big rooster 30 + kg with Adam and Sebastian!

Fishing Report April 25th 2015

Fishing Report April 18th 2015

Fishing Report April 16th 2015
Fishing on the 16th with Lou and family 1/2 day inshore. Tough fishing but we had on a big shark that cut the leader and we managed a 35-40 lb roosterfish. Lots of manta rays jumping and turtles around:-)

Fishing Report April 14th 2015

Fishing offshore today was slow but we hooked a big blue marlin that fought 45 minutes before getting off..
Fishing Report April 6th 2015

Fishing Report March 24th 2015
Fishing Report March 21st and 22nd 2015

Fishing Report March 12th 2015

Fishing Report mid February to Beginning of March 2015

Fishing Report Beginning to Mid February 2015

Fishing Report January 18th 2015

Fishing Report Offshore January/February

Fishing December/January

Fishing Report Dec 10th 2014


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Fishing Report November 26th, 27th and 30th 2014

3 days of fishing with Thomas and Shawn Marie. We started goinf for roosters but they didn’t bite so we switched to jigging and popping and got lots of jacks. We also had some needlefish and barracuda action. The second day we went for dorados and found a few but they were not biting good and we went 2 for 5 on 1/2 day and then we went for some more jigging in the afternoon giving good results. The third day was AMAZING. again for dorados and this time we hit the jackpot. 13 dorados landed out of around 30 bites. 2 on the popper as well. We started with a triple header after missing the first 4 bites! Lots of good action and the best part was that all 13 were released! Thanks guys for a great time.


Fishing Report November 19th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd 17th 2014
Fishing inshore with Roland and Bart from Visreis. The fishing turned up hot as we got into some great fish boils and the dorados came on strong. Casting on the surface produced well with some spectacular takes. Getting bait was a little hard but when we had it the results were great. Big roosters, sea bass and dorados were on the take. Jacks and mackereles also complimented the mix. Great fishing with great guys. Thanks!


Fishing Report November 21st – 27th  2014
Fishing with Roy Arne and crew from XXL and Norway. The good fishng continued as there was plenty of action on the jig as well as topwater. The dorados were showing up in better numbers making it great fun going for them as well. The roosterfish were more sparse but the last day we got a monster 65-70 lb one! Great fun and wonderful weather. Thanks guys for a great time:-)


Fishing Report November 9th – 14th 2014
Fishing with Cem and his friends from XXL and Norway. We had some fantastic days of fishing with lots of action. The jigging was very good as well as surface fishing. The mackerels, jacks and bigeye trevalleys were biting most days and we also caught some very nice roosterfish. There were a few snappers around but not many dorado although we had several hookups on surface baits. The offshore was good and they were hooking their own fish and we got a siailfish but had many more chances as well. Saw a marlin but couldn’t get it to bite. All in all a great time fishing!


Fishing Report November 2nd – 7th 2014
Fishing with the vinner of the awards Gullkroken from Norway and his friends. The fishing was very good in this period and being seasoned ocean fishermen in Norway, it was a pleasant surprise that all 5 guys set personal best records! We caught roosterfish, jacks, needlefish, barracuda, mahi mahi, snapper, sailfish and a nice striped marlin! Thanks guys for an unforgettable trip and hope to have you back again soon:-)


Fishing Report October 26th – 31st  October 2014
Fishing with Knut and his 3 sons. The fishing was very varied with some good quality food fish in the mix. All were released except for one yellowtail snapper that had swim bladder problems. We caught roosterfish, lots of jacks, a corvina (seabass), a dogtooth snapper and rose spotted snapper. We had a lot of good bites but the hook up ratio was low. On the offshore we also jumped a marlin. Great fishing with great clients:-)


Fishing Report October 12th – 17th  October 1 2014
Fishing with the XXL group Martin from Norway. We had a great week of fishing getting on the fish fast and getting some good results. Roosters were plentiful as were big jacks. We had a couple of nice surprises as well. We had 2 sailfish fighting over a bait. Hooked the one but after 15 minutes the hook pulled. We also had some dorados after the poppers inshore as well. A big snapper came to the surface and took a bait but got off. The hookup percentage was a little below average this trip but we really did get the good bites and lots of them! Offshore was a little slow but produced a very nice yellowfin tuna! The weather started a little rough but became calm and sunny from about the middle of the week. Saw dolfins, turtles and manta rays.


Fishing Report September 30 and October 1 2014
2 more days of fishing with the Knut group. We went for dorado again and came out strong with 3 good takes but 2 got away. We did get the one. Along the route we also picked up a roosterfish. The afternoon resulted in a a couple of jacks and a few good bites. The next day was hard getting bait but we managed a few and it gave us a couple og roosters, jacks and we also lost a couple of good fish. All in all quality fishing and good times for all! Whales, turtles and dolphins were also seen on a daily basis.


Fishing Report mid-August to end of September 2014
We have had some varied fishing these last few weeks with roosterfish being the main attraction. Dorados have started showing up as well. The offshore is very varied but there are definately some fish around. In general there are many big fish inshore, if you can get them in. In addition to the fishng the nature itself has been awsome with whales almost everyday, turtles, dolphins and manta rays.


Fishing Report August 9th 2014
Fishing with Kelsey and her husband from Wyoming. The day started fast with a double bite after 2 minutes of fishing. Both got off but a few minutes later we had a rooster on! Then it slowed a little but we got a couple of big needlefish and then a very big mackerel and a smaller mackerel. At the end of the day the jack bite came on strong and we went hope with hands cramping from all the reeling


Fishing Report August 7th 2014
1/2 day of fishing with Steve and company. We had a good day catching a rooster, jacks and a nice bigeye trevally on the popper


Fishing Report August 2-8th 2014
Fishing with Mark Gast and PC. These guys were here the year before and liked it so much they had to come back! The name of the game this time was quality fish. We didn’t get the big numbers the first days but we really made up for it with a variety of good sized fish. Bait was luckily easily available even though the water was quite clear. We started off with a nice rooster and some jacks, including a bigeye trevally. Then we continued with more roosters and jacks. We also had the privelage of seeing the whales up close on 2 of the days! The second ful day of fishing was the bomb. Mark started by getting a beautiful dogtooth snapper that was released. Note that not one scale is missing! We continued on and the day was a little slow but in the afternnon we get a double sailfish hookup! One came in to the boat and got off as I grabbed the leader and the other came in for a release. We then had a day with lots of bites from big fish including 2 nice dorados that jumped off. We boated 2 trophy roosters in the 50 + lb class and some jacks to boot. Offshore we had 2 bites, 2 taps and landed one sailfish. The last 2 days inshore slowed on the big fish bite but the jacks made up for it in numbers. Another fun week of fishing at Bahia Rica.


Fishing Report July 29th 2014
1/2 day fishing with Chuck and his friends. We went out on 2 boats and started looking for the big ones. It took a little while before things got going but the bite came on strong and between us we caugh a dozen jack, a prize mackerel, a giant 60 + lb roosterfish and a needlefish. Not bad for 1/2 days worth of fun fishing.


Fishing Report July 28th 2014

Full day inshore with the John Clark gang from the states. There had been a big swell for a few days that had churned up the water and it resultred in some fun fishng. We caught a few jacks, a tuna, a snapper, mackerel and a roosterfish. We also had some good bites and a few that got away including one that took a 5 lb jack as bait! Saw lots of turtles and even the whales 🙂


Fishing Report July 20th 2014
1/2 day of fishing with Jorgen from XXL Adventures. The rest og the gang went back to Norway as Jorgen stayed a few extra days. One of those days we went fishng. It started out very slow and nothing happened for the first 2 hours. Then it came alive and Jorgen started with getttng a quite nice dogtooth snapper. Then it was a good sized jack. Then we got a smaller yellowtail snapper on a jig and ended the day with a monster needlefish. In addition we lost 3 other very good sized fish so considering the conditions, not a bad day at work 🙂



Fishing report 13-14 and 16-18 July

We had 4 days inshore and 1 day offshore with the XXL gang from Norway. After a good start we had high hopes og some good fishing. The water was still blue and the temperature high. On the first day we had 1 big one on in the morning but ig got away. It was slow so we swithched to bait chunks and we got into some good needlefish and barracuda action. One of the needlefish bit me in the shoulder even…The next day was similar so we went into the gulf and came across some jacks schooling which provided some fun topwater action. We also trolled around a little and picked up a baby dorado. The offshore day was beautiful but quite slow until was had a big hit on te outrigger and the a solid bang on the shotgun. Marlin and a big one. It took 300 yards in 10 seconds and then it was gone, It had managed to open up the hook a get off:-( We found a school of dolphins with birds working it as well. No tuna in sight. The next however was a turn around. We had 6 big fish on in the morning but they somehow managed to not get hooked. The we pulled up 3 roosterfish in a row along with a nice jack and lost a few more big ones. The last 1/2 day was the same, some good fish on but not getting landed but we did get 1 rooster and another nice jack. We all had a great time and we hope to see the guys back here again in the near future. Thanks again to Jorgen for lending some some of his great pictures.


Fishing Report July 12th 2014
1/2 day of inshore fishing with the gang from XXL. We went on a pm trip and started out looking for bait. We found some and started soaking them, but the first spot gave no results. We changed spots and after a couple of minutes Andreas hooks into a nice big 20 + lb jack. While fighting the jack we get another bite but it seemingly falls off. Then we see a sail close to the boat and it had taken the bait and swam right towards us. The show is on and after 15 minutes we can land a nice 65-70 lb sailfish on a 1/2 day inshore trip. The rest of the day didn’t result in much but we were a very happy crew. Also a big thanks to Jorgen for letting us use his pictures.


Fishing Report June 28th 2014
Fishing full day inshore with Tripp and Jett from Roma del Mar. We were hoping for some good action and were not dissapointed as the roosters were hot as well as a couple of good jacks and a small snapper to boot. We also had some more good bites and alli in all a very nice day on the water. Jett is a very skilled angler for being only 11 years old


Fishing Report Jun 22-27th 2014
We had the pleasure to host the Holen/Bentsen group from XXl and Norway. We started great the first 1/2 day with 1 rooster boated, 2 that got away and a double rooster bite. After that it was more quality than quantity. The inshore water was clear and it was hard to get bait and when we had bait it was hard to get the big ones to take it. We mixed it up with a little jigging and trolling. We got a mackerel and a small dorado and some jacks. There were some good fish on the finder but they would not cooperate. On the offshore day we headed out and the conditions were perfect but it was quite slow until we got a 25 lb dorado. Then we hit a nice blue marlin of about 250 lbs that took 1 hour and 55 minutes to get on 30 lb line. We got rained on and it got windy but it was worth it. The last day we caught a medium sized roosterfish right in front of the house that took 2 baits at the same time. Thank you guys for a great time!





























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