Example Day to Day programme

The itinerary will change according to tides, weather conditions and level of experience of the kayakers. The tidal currents are strong and we always plan our trips so that we go with the current as much as possible, and the tide has to be high in order to get into the mangroves.
However the itinerary below is an example of how the day-to-day program on a 3-day sea kayak adventure might look like:

Day 1:
We paddle into the Paquera mangroves and the Rio Grande river while it is high tide. The mangroves offer a unique atmosphere and a variety of birds, crabs, and if we are lucky we may see raccoons and monkeys. We continue to Islas Pajaros, the islands are protected bird sanctuaries with large herds of pelicans and frigate birds. Here it is nice to take a dip, and if the water is clear for snorkeling. From there we continue to Playa Gigante, and we overnight at Isla Gitana (approximately 13 km).

Day 2:
We continue along the beautiful shoreline up to Playa Blanca, where we cross over to Isla San Lucas. Isla San Lucas is a former prison island and also a national refuge. We’ll the trails of the island, and spend some time in the ruins where the guide will give an insight into the history of the prison. We’ll round the island on the north side, and paddle back past the strange looking islands of Pan de Azucar and Isla Guayaba. In the late afternoon we’ll arrive at Isla Jesucita for a nice barbeque and a good night’s rest in our hammocks. (approx. 24 km)

Day 3:
There are many beautiful islands in the area and this day we will explorative more of them. We paddle around Isla Cedros and Jesucita and go ashore and take a look at local conditions. On Isla Jesusita is an old cemetery and on Cedros there are some small local communities including a small primary school. We go ashore at San Pedro when it is low tide and eat lunch and some snorkeling. We paddle out to Islas Negritos, two islands that are protected bird sanctuaries. But here we are not primarily looking for birds, we look for Spider Monkeys. From there we head back to Bahia Rica and end our 3-day kayak adventure in the late afternoon. (approx. 16 km)

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