Costa Rica Sea Kayaking

Costa Rica sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is a great way to experience Costa Rica’s exotic west coast.

Our Costa Rica sea kayaking tours takes you along the beautiful coast line of the Nicoya Peninsula and dozens of other islands in the area.

Paddle in calm bays with fascinating island where you can go ashore on untouched virgin beaches. Reefs with a diverse marine life can be observed from the kayak, or you can jump in the water and take a closer look snorkeling. The jungle is growing right into the sea, and paddling in the mangroves gives a unique experience and possibility to also look at the wildlife along the shore.

A variety of sea kayaking tours

At Bahía Rica we have a variety of sea kayaking tours to choose between. Everything from tailor made trips over a longer period to short 1/2 day paddling tours in the nearby area. The routes for the tours might differ depending on the weather and tide.

And last, but not least, our night kayak tours. The week around full moon, we take you out in the late afternoon on a Sunset and full moon tour. The rest of the month we wait until its dark before we launch the kayaks, and take you out on an extraordinary kayak tour: The bioluminescent kayak tour. There are only a few places in the world where you can be guaranteed to see the bioluminescent algae glow year-round – and this is one of them!


sea kayakingBahía Rica are organizing tours on all levels. We start the trips with a briefing on safety, equipment and routines. For inexperienced paddlers, we will give a basic introduction to basic paddling technique, safety (routines and equipment), getting in and out of the kayak etc

Activity guides
On the tours with Bahía Rica you will always have at least one English-speaking guide. Our guides share the interest for nature, activities and socializing and they are always doing their out-most to make the sea kayaking trips with Bahía Rica safe, suitable challenging and enjoyable.


Bahía Rica has sit-inside touring kayaks for all our day tours. For a closer look at the equipment visit our kayak equipment site.
We have safety equipment, snorkeling gear and other activity equipment available. You have to bring your own sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and clothes suitable for the sea kayaking tours. If you wish to bring along electronic equipment such as camera, phone you can rent dry bags from us. For long tours, it is wise to bring a long sleeve shirt and kayak gloves.

Place of departure and return

In general, the sea kayaking tours are departing from the beach at Bahía Rica and returning to the same place. If we organize trips that starts or ends at other places, we will take care of the transport to and from this place.

Food and beveragessea kayaking

Bahía Rica is providing drinks and snack on all trips. On the half- and full-day sea kayaking tours we also serve you a lovely lunch in a very tropical setting at one of the island or beaches the trip takes you to. On our multi-day kayak tours, we provide all meals. Some we cook ourselves, and some meals are cooked by local families where we camp.

For safety, please do not consume alcohol before the kayak tour.

Small groups

A good kayak experience depends on a lot of different factors; group size is often one of them. Bahía Rica are running trips for 2 to 9 persons.


We have insurance for our sea kayak tours through INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros).


All of our sea kayak tours

This area is one of the premiere destinations for sea kayak tours in Costa Rica. We use stable sit inside sea kayaks for the day trips and no experience is necessary.

We go way off the “tourist” path on our full day sea kayak tour. The area has one of the world’s highest concentration of biodiversity.

The eco-friendly sea kayak experience of a lifetime! The scenery while kayaking is simply unique, bring your camera and sense of adventure to this unforgettable Costarican experience.

See the plankton glow in the dark from your first paddle stroke on the bioluminescent kayak tour. It is a kayak experience not to be missed while in Costa Rica!

Watch the sun setting behind the mountains with its’ vibrant hues in the sky and on clouds. Then enjoy the rising moon over the calm bay waters as night fall approaches.

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