Sustainable Tourism

During the more than eight years that we have been doing sea kayaking, sport fishing and other boat adventures in Costa Rica, we have done what we can to ensure that our tours will contribute to positive development in this area. Together with our guests and other contributors we will continue to support selected projects and initiatives in the Nicoya Peninsula and the Punta Cuchillo in particular.

Bahia Rica Adventures creates much needed jobs in the small community of Punta Cuchillo. When we organize trips in this tropical paradise, we have a responsibility. Any trip affects our environment and the places we visit. We are therefore very keen to show respect for the local nature and culture – and to limit the footprint we leave behind us. By being aware of this, we believe our tours have a positive effect – in that they are helping to create important jobs and generate income for local people.
Today, sustainable tourism, a concept for most, and it’s about involving local people and to preserve nature and culture of the places we visit. Sustainable tourism is the future for any tourist destination.

Currently, we support a couple of good projects/initiatives. You as a guest can make a voluntary contribution to the projects – when you book a stay or a tour with Bahia Rica, you can let us know that you want to support the projects. If you want your contribution to be paid to one particular of the three projects, you can also specify this. If you do not have any special requests, your contribution is distributed equally among the projects.

The projects/initiatives we have chosen to support are:

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