Snorkling and Monkeys

This boat tour will take you to some great spots for snorkeling around the Negritos islands.

At high tide the islands are mere rocks sticking up in the water, but on low tide small beautiful beaches emerges. The rocky area around the islands is great for snorkeling.
NB! If the visibility in the water around the Negritos Islands is not good enough, we will take you to the snorkeling spots in front of Isla Tortuga.
In addition to the snorkeling, we’ll take you on a little boat cruise around the numerous island in the area and look at the diverse bird life, scenery and if we are lucky we might spot rays, turtles and dolphins.

In the dry season we’ll visit the Spider monkeys at one of the nearby islands. The Spider monkeys are endangered in Costa Rica and they are the largest of the 4 types of monkeys in the country. It is impossible to see these monkeys in the rainy season, but in the dry season they come down to the beach and you can get really close encounters with them.


$40 per person (minimum 4 persons)

$50 per person for tour with 2 or 3 persons

Duration: 3– 4 hours

Capacity: Maximum 12 persons per boat

Includes: Boat tour, snorkeling equipment, multi-lingual guide, snacks and drinks.

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