Snorkeling and monkeys boat tour

Snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tour |  Amazing nature above and below

On this tour, you get to experience the amazing underwater life, but also a very special encounter with the acrobatic spider monkeys.

The snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tour will take you to some great spots for snorkeling around the gulf islands.

We have several snorkeling spots to choose from around the Negritos islands and Isla Tortuga. At high tide, some of the islands are mere rocks sticking up in the water, but on low tide small beautiful beaches emerge. The rocky area around the islands is great for snorkeling.

In addition to the snorkeling, we’ll take you on a little boat cruise around the numerous island in the area. We’ll look at the diverse bird life, scenery and if we are lucky we might spot rays, turtles and dolphins.

We’ll visit the spider monkeys at one of the nearby islands. The spider monkeys are endangered in Costa Rica and they are the largest of the 4 types of monkeys in the country.

It is harder to see these monkeys in the rainy season, but in the dry season they come down to the beach almost every time and you are almost guaranteed a real close encounter with them.

Monkey island – Visit endangered spider monkeys
Spider monkeys are found in tropical forests, and they are one of the most agile species in Costa Rica! Their name comes from their appearance.They have very long limbs and a long tail, which makes it easy for them to roam around the forests.

What types of monkeys can be found in Costa Rica?
We actually have 4 species of monkeys; the squirrel monkey, the white faced or capuchin monkey, the howler monkey and the spider monkey.

snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tourAt Isla Nancital we find the subspecies; black-handed spider monkey. They are classified as endangered on the Red List created by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

Their group dynamics can change in the course of a day. Aside from gathering into a large group at certain times, spider monkeys often look for food independently or in small groups. When we visit the Spider monkey family that lives on Isla Nancital, we are sometimes lucky to find them all together hanging out close to the water.

Over the years that we have visited Isla Nancital we have gotten to know the monkey family well, and are exited every time we see a new born baby. An infant spider monkey stays close to its mother for 3 months, at first carried on the stomach then riding on her side as it ages. Babies remain at least partially dependent upon their mother’s milk for the first year of life.

Isla Nancital is a biological reserve, so we are not allowed to go ashore there, but due to the rocky shoreline we can bring the boat all the way up to the rocks, and be almost close enough to touch the monkeys.

Monkey facts:
– Did you know that the Spider monkeys doesn’t have thumbs? – only 4 fingers.
– The spider monkeys have a low reproductive rate, producing 1 baby every 2-4 years.
– They can live in the wild about 25 years
– An adult can weigh more than 8 kg and measure 1.3 m long from head to tail.
– The tail itself is actually longer than the body and head
– The spider monkeys eat mostly fruit, but sometimes they will also eat young leaves, nuts and vegetables.

Snorkeling rock – like swimming in an aquarium
Put on a mask and marvel at the amazing world beneath the surface. The bottom structure consists of volcanic rocks and a few coral formations teeming with schools of vibrant tropical fish. You will snorkel among the brightly colored fish and if you’re lucky you might spot a turtle swimming around.snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tour

Your snorkeling adventure starts with a briefing from our experienced guides who will check that you are comfortable with the equipment before guiding you into the beautiful ocean.

Almost anyone can snorkel, you do not need to be a great swimmer, just comfortable getting into the water and ready for a great adventure. If you need a little help with buoyancy we have life jackets and floats available.

Kids love to see the fish in the water, so make this one of the highlights of your family holiday here in beautiful Costa Rica. We have snorkeling gear for children and youth, and for the smallest children we have goggles. The stories they will be able to tell afterwards will be great fun as they try and describe the colors, shapes and behavior of the huge variety of fish and sea creatures that they have seen.

What to expect on the snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tour

Departing from the Paquera ferry landing, we take you on a motor boat to the Isla Negritos or Isla Tortuga area.
Here our guides, Jeffry and Javier, will equip you with snorkel gear and you’re ready to take the plunge and snorkel as long as you like in the warm tropical waters.

Fruit, snacks and refreshments are available on the boat all day. Our boats are comfortable and have music, safety equipment, and plenty of space as we maximum take 12 people on board.

Depending on the tide, we will take you to visit the monkey island, before or after the snorkeling. Our guides, Jeffry and Javier, have over the years come to know the family of spider monkeys on this island well. They will not only bring you up close to them, but also share their stories about the individual monkeys.

All though the spider monkeys are very curios and trusting they are still wild animals. In the dry season, we mostly find them in predictable places close to a natural spring. In the rainy season, we sometimes do not see them at all.

After the half day on the water, we bring you back to the Paquera ferry landing. Or i,k,mf you would like to shower and change clothes we can bring you to Bahia Rica, where we have beach showers and towels available.

Snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tour Logistics | Pricing | Booking

Snorkeling and spider monkeys boat tour - Terms and conditionsPractical details:
– Departure from: The Paquera ferry landing (Link to google map)
– Departure time: 9:00 am
– Duration: Approximately 4 hours
– Capacity: Minimum 2 and maximum 12 persons per boat

Bahia Rica reserves the right to refuse passengers on the boats, if the customer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or have inappropriate behavior.

– Boat transfer
– Snorkeling gear
– Multi-lingual guide
– Fruit, snacks and drinks

What to bring:
– Sandals or water shoes
– Light breathable clothes
– Swimsuit
– Beach towel
– Sunscreen, sunglasses and cap/hat
– Camera

Price snorkeling and monkey boat tour:
$40 per person (minimum 4 persons)
$50 per person for tour with 2 or 3 persons

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