Bioluminescent bay kayak tour

Like swimming in a starry sky

If you want to experience something really out of this world, you should definitely try the bioluminescent bay kayak tour conducted by the Bahia Rica Fishing & Kayak Lodge. 

Imagine kayaking at night in water that turns light blue at the touch of your hand. It’s like swimming in a starry sky, with fish moving around you, creating little comets of light, while your paddle creates galaxies in the water. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no one should miss.” Writes Patrick Goodness, in an article in The Luxury Couple about his life and experiences in Costa Rica.

Patrick has lived in Costa Rica for 10 years, and in this article he shares with us some of his favorite places to visit, and activities to do. The bioluminescent kayak tour and Sport fishing with Bahia Rica is among those favorites. Read about how Bahia Rica is his ‘go-to’ team for fishing and snorkeling trips in the Gulf of Nicoya.


Birds Eye view

Bahia Rica Fishing and Kayak Lodge seen from a different angle.

You will always have activities to enjoy when you are staying at Bahia Rica: swimming, sea kayaking, fishing, bird watching, snorkeling or just go for a lovely walk.

But you can also  just  relax with the sea view and jungle sounds at the beach or in a hammock. Enjoy the pleasure of having your own exotic retreat in a small fishing village. There is an abundance of wild life here, the howler monkeys comes around almost daily and we often spot other animals such as armadillos, squirrels, coaties, iguanas and kinkajous. The diversity of birds and marine life is also rich, so make sure to have your camera ready.

Our beach is away from the road so it is very private. It is a typical “tidal beach” which means that it is nice and big when the tide is down, while the high tide comes all the way up to the palm trees. The water is always calm here as we are on the inside of the gulf.

Our kitchen with dining area is situated only 50 meters back from the beach, so from your breakfast table you can just stroll down to the water and start enjoying your day!

Key 2 Costa Rica

a0c557_11c7b1a878364b27a081a99722affc15Our very good friends Arlene and Adrian can be of great help to you if you are looking at booking an adventure in Costa Rica, or searching for a nice rental house, or would love help on how to plan your travel in Costa Rica.

Visit their site:

Of course they also include several of your trips in their intineraries ;o)

We're on national TV

24 Oct

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Teletica Canal 7 the most popular TV channel in Costa Rica is broadcasting from the event we had here at Bahia Rica kayak and fishing lodge the first week of October: The World Skill competitions in Sport fishing (INA Olympiadas).

The program was boradcasted in the program “7dias”.

You can see the whole broadcast from Teletica online HERE. And for those who does not speak Spanish, don’t worry there there is a lot of good footage to enjoy.


Fishing license

14 May

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Sport fishing fans in the country now can file their requests for fishing licenses online.
Previously, fishing licenses could only be obtained at the offices of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (INCOPESCA). But now the entire process – including payment – can be completed online.
Each registered user can add other people, meaning a fisherman can process licenses for everyone on a fishing trip.
A license costs $15 for up to 8 days, $30 per month or $50 for a year. The price is the same for nationals and foreigners.
NB! You need a Costa Rican Fishing license.
Licenses can be purchased online.
Make sure to print a copy of the payment and bring it with you on your fishing trip together with a copy of your identification / passport.

Special offer Roosterfish Guarantee!

5 Jun

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The best guarantee in Costa Rica! Catch a Roosterfish or get the next trip for free!

We are the only ones in Costa Rica offering a real Roosterfish guarantee. Meaning that you hook the fish, catch the fish, bring it all the way in to the boat, and get your picture with it. We are fishing in an area that has good potential for record size fish.

If we don’t catch at least one Roosterfish with you, we’ll take you out again for free!

Price $600 for up to 4 persons (reservation code BRrooster14)

NB! The special offer is available if you book directly with us, and not an agent or hotel. The offer is valid until 30th of September 2014.

Our 1/2 day of inshore fishing takes you on an adventure in search of fish such as roosterfish, jack crevalle, bigeye trevally, needlefish, skipjack tuna, barracuda, snapper and groupers. If the dorados are running we can also target these on a 1/2 day trip as they are close to shore. We can do a morning or afternoon trip depending on the tides. This is an ideal trip for families as well as the seasoned angler.

We troll live or dead bait, fish poppers, jig, bottom fish and even fish flies to catch the fish we are fishing after. All of our 1/2 day inshore fishing trips include cold beverages, lunch, snacks and fruit. All you need to bring is a good hat, possible long sleeve shirt, rain gear in the rainy season (May – Oct), sunscreen, sunglasses and your good luck fishing charm.

A 1/2 day inshore fishing trip lasts around 5 hours.

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