Bioluminescence kayak tour

10 Sep

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Don’t let the day end when the sun goes down!

We offer a guided kayak adventure after sunset. Under the blanket of the night sky you can touch the water that glows with bioluminescent plankton.

One of the most spectacular sights on a night trip in the Gulf of Nicoya is to witness hundreds of tiny star-like bioluminescent plankton scintillating like a starry sky as you move through dark water. Wave your paddle through the water in front of you, and be mersmerized by the tiny glowing specs of plankton or Dinofagellates which are small unicellular marine plankton.

An adventure not to me missed while in Costa Rica! Join us on this fully guided night tour into one of the most amazing phenomena of the world. Paddle your way through the calm water of the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica. Here you will meet our glowing friends, the Dinofagellates, a microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand.

Our unique night kayak tour gives you a facinating encounter with billions of bioluminescent organisms, watch how every stroke of your paddles leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light, and fish light up their path like shooting stars in the water.

The adventure in the Gulf of Nicoya at night can only be described as magical, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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