Monkeys and Ospreys

25 Nov

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Categories: Bahia Rica, Costa Rica, Ecotourism, Sea kayaking

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We have seen the first signs summer here; The Spider monkeys are coming down to the beach, the leaves starts falling of the trees and the Ospreys are back.

We have had a very nice rainy season with some good rainfalls, but typically after dark in the evening. We are now entering into the dry season and the other day we spotted the Spider monkeys at Isla Nacital for the first time this season. We are looking forward to visiting them a lot in the coming months, it is going to be interesting to see how many of the females have newborns this year.

The Osprey is a common winter resident from early September to April and we are now seeing several especially on our mangrove kayak tours. It is fascinating to sight an Osprey hunting for fish, typically by hovering, then plunging feet first into the water to catch their fish.

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